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Lose 5lbs in a month? Can we outperform?

UPGRADE Lipo Laser Slimming 2.0

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Lose 2×5 LBS In A Month

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Double Wavelengths Double Effect

  • Lipo Laser Slimming 2.0
  • VS
  • Others
  • 650nm&980nm Double Wavelengths
  • Wavelength
  • 650nm
  • Big Pad: 650nm*10 + 980nm*7
    Small Pad: 650nm*2+ 980nm*1
  • Laser/Pad
  • Big Pad: 8
    Small Pad: 1
  • Big Pad*8 + Small Pad*4
  • Pad
  • Big Pad*4 + Small Pad*2
  • 10lbs/month
  • Result
  • 1-5lbs/month
  • Whole Body Weight Loss
  • Application
  • Lose Localized Fat Pockets

3 IN 1 Slimming Guide

50 min/week Fat Dissolving + Body Shaping

Apply gel and treat with 40K cavitation probe for 20 min.

Ultrasonic cavitation shatters fat cells and helps lower your BMI.

40K cavitation cannot be applied on thin fat layers but legs, abdomen, upper arms.

Apply essential oil and treat with sextupole vacuum&RF probe for 20 min.

It stimulates collagen regeneration at hypodermis under 55℃ and increase skin elasticity for body shaping. Vacuum helps with lymphatic drainage and reduce edema.

All parts can be applied on except above neck and chest.

Strap on laser pads and treat
for 20 min.

650nm&980nm dual wavelengths laser technology is updated and serves to destroy adipocyte membrane and generate thermal energy to accelerate cell metabolism and lower BMI.

All parts can be applied on except above neck and chest.

Downsize in 3 months


After 1 month

After 3 month

3 IN 1 Anti-aging Guide

50 min/week

  • 1.Clean
  • 2.Apply essence/gel
  • 3.Face RF treatment, 15 min
  • 4.Eye RF treatment, 5 min
  • 5.BIO treatment, 10 min
  • 6.Sheet mask, 15 min

28 Days Age Rewind