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Oxygen Jet

How does it work?

Oxygen Jet treatment combines 100% oxygen and sterile saline to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. This combination is very similar to the spray gun treatment (mini pressure rinse) and the effect is amazing.
This gentle cleansing can clear pores, remove dirt and makeup that can build up on the skin’s surface over time. Oxygen is injected like a vitamin E to give the skin a new look.
Oxygen therapy is very beneficial for improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and restoring skin vitality. These treatments also help to reduce the outbreak of acne. Oxygen injection quickly solved an ensuing explosion that caused the acne to explode and disappear almost overnight

Treatment Area

Oxygen jet can use on face .

Treatment procedure

Cling the oxygen injector to skin and move slowly and in order forehead - right eye around- right cheek - Chin - left cheek - left eye around - forehead about 20 ~25 minutes
Apply a hydrating mask after the treatment
Suggest each week 1 time
8~10 sessions to reach a best result
Notice: Avoid sun for 24 hours and apply sun block.

Compare with microdermabrasion

Oxygen jet uses pressurised liquid to gently, hygienically exfoliate, but at the same time, cleanse andhydrate the skin.
Microdermabrasion works by using suction and fine crystals. The skin is sucked up, therefore dragged while the crystals act like sandpaper to exfoliate layers of the skin
away. This method is easy to hurt skin.

Oxygen jet is a pleasant and relaxing experience for both the client and practitioner as the client enjoys the sound and the soothing coolness of the jets.
Microdermabrasion treatment is uncomfortable as the client experiences an unpleasant scratching and dragging sensation. Both client and practitioner are also inhaling the harmful crystal particles, skin debris.

Side effects and risks

There’s no down time and any resulting redness after the treatment is short-lived.