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Galvanic current is a constant low frequency direct current treatment focus on dermis and the skin surface, it can be used in two ways. These are: desincrustation and iontophoresis.
Desincrustation: it can do deep cleanses, removing oil, and removes skin blockages, removal dirty from the skin.
Iontophoresis: it introduces active water soluble substances directly into the skin, to cause specific effects, promote skin absorption the nutrients.

How it works?

Penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electrical current. The galvanic treatment has two functions: the first, Iontoderm promotes with deep skin cleansing and the second, Iontophoresis facilitates cream, lotion, and solution penetration deep into the skin.

Iontoderm (Desincrustation): This is a deep pore cleansing chemical process which turns natural oils in the skin (sebum) into soap (saponification) for deep dermis cleansing. it is best recommended to use with a conductive Gel or an ultrasonic Gel for best results.

Iontophoresis: Introducing an osmotic alkaline solution into the skin to produce an acidic hair tone, soothe and relax the nerves, reduce blood supply, strengthen fibrous tissue, reduce skin pores, eliminate skin inflammation, and remove dirt. For oily skin, acne-prone skin.

Treatment Area

Usually use on face, cheek, forehead, neck, eye around, noise around.

Treatment procedure

1)Operation Steps

Clean well face and pat dry and spritz on your favorite toner.
1. Apply the treatment gel (as directed on the kit) on one half of your face and neck. Set the timer (in case the facial machine doesn’t have a timer).
2. Wet your hands and then hold the device. Once you press the start button, touch the end of the machine to your skin where you have applied the gel and move it around.
3. Stop when the timer goes off. Repeat the same steps on the other side of your face and neck.
4. After treatment, remove the remaining gel from your face with a wet cloth or towel. Apply a face serum or moisturizer once you are done.

2)Suggestion on Treatment

A Galvanic facial treament have two setps involved, using both positive and negative currents. Usually last about 1 hour. Each Week do 2 times treatment, after 2 months, you will see the great result from the treatment.


1. Help skin care products penetrate deep into the skin and help the skin absorb nutrients in skin care products.
2. Balance the skin acid and alkali to reduce wrinkles, wake up the skin, make the skin more shiny.
3. Reduce pigmentation, dilute the spots and lift the skin tight pores.
4. Speed up metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, slow down skin aging and wrinkles.


Do not stay on face more than 20 minutes at each time.
The body is not suitable during menstruation
Heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, varicose veins and pregnant women
Extremely sensitive, severe vasodilation
Injury, cut, or newborn scar
Severely purulent acne
High, low blood pressure


Clean the skin with clean water and apply essential oil/skin cream/skin cream on the parts that need to be groomed.
The dose according to the ability of the individual and the skin parts, feel a slight tingling is appropriate. It is recommended to use low-level micro-currents in sensitive parts around the eyelids, mid-range micro-current on the face, high-grade micro-current in the neck and body, and limb parts.
1. Use 3-5 minutes each time, every day or every other day. Each treatment takes 10-20 times.
2. Use a positive electrode to introduce a skin care product containing positive ions, and use a negative electrode to introduce a skin care product containing negative ions.
3. Do not leave the electrode in a part for too long.
4. Remove the metal jewelry when using the micro current meter.
5. The electrode tip moves in a circle with the skin care product.
6. It is best to use small molecular structure skin care products, easier to penetrate into the skin.
7. Acute eczema, hemorrhagic tendencies, those who have allergic reactions to DC can not be used.

3)After treatment

1. Avoid touch treatment area.
2. Do not make up.
3. Drink more water, eat plenty fruits and vegetables, which can help skin repaired or healed.

Galvanic compare with Bio

Galvanic treatment is focused on cleaning and help absorption the nutrients, a galvanic facial gives more mature clean a deep cleanse and helps to improve skin texture. The currents help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While bio is improve skin aging problem, such as sagging skin, large pores, senescence, etc.

Side effects and risks 

Galvanic facia treatment is a safe and painless way, are suitable for all types of skin. Some people may happen side effects due to iontophoresis, but the effect is usually not serious. The most common side effect is dry skin. Foaming, peeling and irritation may also occur on the skin.