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E-light applies three core technology, IPL, RF, and epidermis cooling. It combines the advantage of IPL and RF, in one hand, the skin absorbs IPL energy selectively, and the skin also absorbs RF energy, on the other hand, the RF-surface-touch cooling technology removing the discomfort and complications by high heat of IPL. Therefore, the effect and safety of E-light makes a breakthrough.

How it works?

E-light uses IPL and RF two-stage radio frequency technology to act on the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulating different depths of collagen, rearranging and growing, so as to achieve therapeutic effects, dual-stage radio frequency release energy at the same time, using the skin to Selective absorption of light energy causes various lesions in the epidermis and dermis to produce photopyrogenic effects. Because its light energy requirements are much lower than the traditional IPL, it is possible to absorb more energy from various pigmentation and vascular lesions in the epidermis and dermis without damaging the epidermis. , to achieve the effect of treatment.

Treatment Area

Permanently remove excess hair from various parts of the body, such as: face, arms, back, chest, underarms, bikini line hair removal, legs, etc.

Technical parameters

Spot size:10*40mm
Cooling system: water-cooled + air-cooled + semiconductor refrigeration
Input power:600W800W1600W optional
Supply voltage:AC220V;AC110V(customizable)


1. The Operation head of E-light mainly combined with three parts: bipolar radio frequency+low-energy pulse light energy+epidermal cooling.
2. Operation result is obviously enhanced on clinic,and the various skin problems like wrinkle and telangiectasia are greatly improved.
3. Multi-features of E-light machine lead to the machine as the best choice for patient:comfortable Operation ,better effect,faster results and minimal side effects,etc.
4. Easy operation,you only need to adjust the energy of IPL and RF individually.
5. Pre-cooling to the epidermis,this can result in temperature difference between epidermis and dermis,the energy lunched by RF act on the pre-warmed aimed-tissue(such as veins,hair follicles,melanin,etc.),so as to achieve the best RF penetration effect.

Treatment procedure

1) Suggestion on Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation Program: 30-45 days/time and 4 times/course
Hair Removal Program: 2-3months/time and 3times/course

2) Taboo

The following people is not suitable to be operated by the machine:
1. pregnant, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetic;
2. allergic to IPL;
3. open wound parts;
4. people who could not avoid strong sun light;
5. scar, birthmark, or mole higher than the skin.

3) Attentions After Treatment

1. Not using irritative makeups;
2. No hot water face wash or sauna in 7 days;
3. No stimulating food or pigmentary food as chocolate, coffee; no smocking; no drinking;
5. No scratch in case of scabbing;
6. Make a water replenishing care in 10 days

Side effects and risks 

1. Redness and irritation
2. Changes in skin color
3. Eye injury
4. Risk of skin infection
5. Crusting