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BIO Microcurrent


With the development of society, people pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, Thus some beauty technologies have been invented and rapidly developed. They have entered people lives and become an inseparable part. Today we will talk about BIO.

What is BIO Microcurrent ?

By mimicking the body biological currents, the energy of BIO through the skin into the muscles cells, stimulate the energy APT contained in cells, allow the cells back to normal function, in the shortest possible time for the customer to shape facial contours, face lifting, dilute wrinkles And shrink pores.

Bio Microcurrent Face Lift VS RF Radio Frequency Facial Lifting?

Rf radio frequency can generate heat energy to achieve collagen tissue heating and fat cell heating, so that the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin rises instantaneously, achieving the effect of firming the skin.

The BIO microcurrent face lift electric shock is stronger than RF radio frequency.

How to make the BIO microcurrent treatment ?

1. Drink one cup of water before the treatment.
2. Clean and sterilize the treated area.
3. Apply gel or serum or cream on the treated area.
4. Adjusted the working time, energy (test it from low to high), then operate on the treated areas.


1. Retrains muscles to eliminate expression lines and streamline face shape.
2. Enhance youthful look through ATP and collagen reproduced as well as micro-capillary circulation.
3. Non-invasive skin firming,non-surgical bio micro current face lift machine, the best face lifting machine for home use.

In addition, BIO plays a role in regulates the blood, improves the metabolism and circulation function of skin tissue, whitening and blemishes.

BIO can also dredge breast, stimulate the re-development of breast cells, breast enhancement, prevent and treat various breast diseases, and create a healthy curve.

Does Bio microcurrent treatment has any risk ?

The side effect of bio microcurrent treatment is to make the skin thinner. If you are dry skin, you must first do a good job of hydrating. Otherwise, the skin would easily become sensitive; after you do, you must pay attention to moisturizing and protection, such as if you stay a long time before the computer. The isolation cream must be used. Otherwise, it will be easy to grow spots.