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808nm Diode Laser


The effective penetration depth of 808nm can reach the target tissue (hair nipple). The appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue generates enough thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected. The proper energy density guarantees sufficient strength in a suitable time. The energy output is sufficient to damage the target tissue while the normal tissue is almost unaffected; suitable epidermal protection measures ensure adequate damage to the target tissue, while the epidermis is virtually unaffected, thereby ensuring treatment safety. At the same time as the above design requirements, the multi-pulse laser of the semiconductor hair removal series heats the hair follicle to above 75 ° C in a mode with a lower energy density and maintains the hair follicle for a certain period of time (10HZ state). In order to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

How it works?

The 808nm semiconductor laser system uses a gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808nm. The semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light waves, which can penetrate into the root of the hair follicle, heat the pigment and spread it to the entire hair follicle, which can accurately destroy the hair follicle without causing damage to adjacent tissues. Permanent hair removal.

Treatment Area

Permanently remove excess hair from various parts of the body, such as: face, arms, back, chest, underarms, bikini line hair removal, legs, etc.


Technical parameters

1) Laser wavelength: 808nm
2) Spot area: 12 * 16mm23 * 40mm or optional
3) Pulse frequency: 1-10HZ adjustable
4) Pulse width: 10~400ms or 10~300ms
5) Output power: 600W, 800W, 1600W optional
6) Sapphire contact temperature: -5 ~ 0 ° C
7) Refrigeration system: TEC refrigeration system
8) Energy density: 1-130J/cm2


1. Painless, cooling, no harm to the skin
2. Easy to operate, not tired for a long time
3. The handle crystal can freeze within 30 seconds, it can make the machine 24 hours of continuous lighting work.
4. Fast cooling, good cooling effect, high temperature resistance, long-term wages can keep the water clean.

Treatment procedure

1)Suggestion on Treatment

Treatment time: Great results, from 4 to 8 session to get done.
Each 3 or 4 weeks for one session.

Time of treatment area:
40 minutes legs
30 min arms
15 minutes armpit


1.Pregnant women or women during immense
2. Epileptic
3. Patients with malignancy
4. Patient whose wound after operation has not healed up
5. Acute inflammation or epidemic patients
6. Whom with heart diseases or with heart pacemaker
7. Whom with kidney (gall-stone) disease
8. Who was embedded metal object or silica gel
9. Who in menses, birth control period, emoticon incontinence period, or accepting the belly operation
10. Whose body always takes much inner hot
11. Who has the genetic hypersensitivity

3)24-48 hours after your session

 Wear loose cotton clothing
 Avoid touching the skin in the treatment area
 Apply 100% Aloe Vera ONLY to your treatment area
 Avoid the gym, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool
 When showering/bathing keep water tepid/lukewarm
 Avoid doing all forms of physical exercise
 Apply mineral makeup only after all facial laser hair removal treatments
 Apply SPF50+ to all treatment areas that are exposed to UV light, cover areas where possible

808nm compare with OPT, IPL, SHR

1) 808nm is painless, more comfortable, other technology will feel a little pain.
At the same time, it does not damage surrounding tissues.
2) 808 is exactly 808nm wave length, stable output; other laser hair removal machine will be 600
3) Short treatment time and get more better result.

Side effects and risks 

1) Redness and irritation
2) Changes in skin color
3) Eye injury
4) Risk of skin infection
5) Crusting