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[NM-SN1S] Ultrasonic High Frequency Vibration Facial Skin Cleanser - myChway.com


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Ultrasonic High-Frequency Vibration Facial Cleanser Acne Removal Beauty Machine

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Advance booking: USD 42.50

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12th Sept, 2020-12th Oct, 2020
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Deliver on 20th Nov, 2020

Dual Wave Cleansing

Start Your Cleansing Revolution


Lifting and Firming

Double Cleanse Technology

2 Min Unclog —3.5 × Clean

Lead In & Out Simultaneously

3MHz Concave Ultrasound

Soft & Clean

3°Micro Vibration Brush

  • Cleanse & Skin Rejuvenation
  • 3° Micro Vibration
  • 3MHz Concave Ultrasound -
    Simultaneous Lead In & Out
  • Ultrasonic Lead In & Cleanse
  • Wireless + Blue LED Base Disinfection
  • Cleanse
  • Normal Vibration
  • Massage Probe Not Included
  • 2 Cleansing Modes
  • Wireless

3MHz Concave Ultrasound Probe

Lead In & Out Simultaneously

Shape Flawless Skin In 32 Days

2 in 1 Cleansing & Rejuvenation

Pair With VC Serum

Skin Brightening & Anti-aging

Up Skin Brightness By 29% In 32 Days

Pair With VE Serum

Skin Firming & Skin Rejuvenation

Define Jawline By 10% In 32 Days

Perfect Details With Ingenuity

Humanized Design With Full Of Surprises

Full-Body Waterproof

Double Brushes Apply To All Skin Types

Wireless Charging

Blue LED Disinfection

Lid The Dust Cap

2 Min Auto-Off

4 Min A Day

Blackhead-Free In 32 Days

Wet face and the probe. Squeeze cleanser on the cleansing probe

Move the probe in circles on the face. Auto-off mode sets in 2 min

Clean the treatment area and the probe

Dry the face and apply VC or VE Serum

Switch to the ultrasonic probe. Auto-off mode sets in 2 min

Disinfect the hairbrush with blue LED pedestal