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Vertical New Version Cooling Therapy Body Contouring Vacuum Cupping Slimming Machine

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∞ Ice KiloDroper

Advanced Customization
Stronger Branding

Independent R&D, Direct Brand Supply

Personalized Treatments

Videos of techniques

Maintenance Instruction

Is brand influence bringing good business
for your high-end beauty salon?

Lack of branding Brand culture has yet to be widespread,
awareness has yet to be high

Lack of personalization No signature programs,
no prevailing advantages

No word-of-mouth reputation Have yet to gain
customers' trust and recognition

No marketing talents Unable to develop signature
solutions for the market demand

Advanced Customization
Build Brand Strategy
Brand strategy is not just about
spending money on advertising!

Brand Planning

Based on the market analysis, dissect needs of target
customers, customize products.

High-end Product
Pinpoint Marketing
Futuristic Tech

Brand Building

Individualize brand image on
the basis of brand's personal characteristics.
Deliver brand information through customized Logo,
product appearance and other visual information.

Optional Luxury
Multiple Colors
Brand logo on
machine interface
Logo Print

Marketing customization
to High-end Customers

Pinpoint product marketing, strategize
exclusive treatments and massage techniques,
make your brand personality stand out,
increase brand awareness and recognition.

Customized Massage

Advanced Customization | 3 in 1

All-encompassing Pro Cryolipolysis
and simultaneous operation

Freeze Vacuum
Cooling Handle (Abdomen)
Fat freeze unwanted stubborn cellulite.

Freeze Cold Cryo Pads Equipped with adhesive straps, used anywhere,
customized slimming solutions.

Vacuum Cooling
Handle (Jaw)
Remove double chin, shape V-line face.

Swan arms

A4 Waist

Super model legs

V-line face

Flat abs

Peach booty

One treatment dissolves 22% fat
one full course rid 35%-45% fat

The human body is 60-70% water. The freezing point of water is 0℃.
Fat, different from water,transitions its form at 4℃. Cryolipolysis utilizes the discrepancy
between the freezing point of water and fat, exporting fat cells that died of
low temperature through body metabolism.

Triglyceride converted into solid form in
low temperatures.

Cryolipolysis selectively targets fat bulges
gradually, leaving surrounding tissues intact.

Fat cells, when exposed to precise cooling,
are reduced gradually.

Human body’ s metabolism help export
dead fat cells.

10 min training translates
to immediate productivity

Complex procedures result in series of mistakes and poor level of satisfaction from customers?
We are here to simplify the use, reduce training and treatment hours.
With professional technique videos and detailed solution recommendation,
we aim to better your customer experience, service,
and management all at one go.

8-hour seamless work
never lose any clients

Mandatory pause slows down business?

Bad customer experience of long hours

Forced to switch to another treatment?

Futuristic technology
double reassurance

Two tech ideas bring in safer, more effective treatment.

Today's new level
Tomorrow's classics

Fast-paced technological update?
Customers are always drawn to the newest equipment?

We believe in “comprehensive service and superior quality”.
Core technologies and avant-garde craftsmanship will last
you 10 years in the industry with top ratings and good reviews.

Universal Accessory Independent R&D, commonly used handpiece.

Color Touch Screen Click in 2 sec, enjoy for 1 h.

360°Wheels Fast movement, lasts for 10 years.

Stereoscopic Body Move around freely.

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Stronger Branding ∞ Ice KiloDroper

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