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Ultrasonic RF Lipolaser Slimming Body Machine

Ultrasonic RF Lipolaser Slimming Body Machine

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  • 40K cavitaiton 2.0 for body slimming
  • Multipolar 3D RF for body slimming
  • 5MW lipolaser for body skin tightening
  • Vacuum Therapy for Body Massage

Item ID: #1001761

Model: WL-UU7001S

Retail Price: USD 711.67

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The LED Laser body sculpting procedure uses 635nm-650nm LED Laser that heats the fat cells Learn more

The cavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which can speedy vibrate fattiness cells, Learn more

Vacuum radiofrequency therapy can be performed throughout the body. Although the most common Learn more


1 .Optimized for skin tightening and cellulite operation.
2. Together with the fat reduction, you can also enjoy tighter, toner skin. Immediate visible results !
3. More safe and more effective,no downtime,no side effect,no scar,no rebounce
4. Long term and natural results.
5. Versatile and mobile.
6.Easy and user friendly LCD touch screen, displaying preset operation guidelines that help to optimize the results

40K Cavitation

Strong sound wave explosion fat head With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to human body forimpacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction motion between fat cells. This may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. What's more, sound wave vibration may cause fierce impact of fat cells to make them be exploded instantaneously, reduce the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.

Vacuum Bipolar RF for Body

Being integrated with the most advanced RF technology and strong negative vacuum technology, the instrument may directly reach the deep-seated fat body .In the fast-active state, fat cell tissue may generate friction heat, increase local temperature and remove excess fat and toxin from the body through sweat gland, enterohepatic circulation and lymph and ultimately achieve the effect of dissolving fat.With controlled depth technology, inlaid diamond particles of different sizes may rub skin alongits pattern, adjust suction strength by means of vacuum draw and rub with negative pressure strong force to directly explode thick fat. Thus, the effects are very obvious: Enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat, take away wastes, enhance the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improve the state of areolar tissue, remove stubborn fat and improve the sufficient absorption condition of diet products.



Model: PT-BZ04
The 40K cavitaion 1.0 handpiece is capable of producing voids in fat cells at a frequency of 40khz, allowing fat cells to be blasted, thereby achieving body weight loss. It can be used in areas such as the belly, arms, and thighs.

40K Cavitaion 1.0 Handpiece

Model: PT-SP101
10-Polar RF handpiece can fast heat on the skin, make dermal fat layer of skin thicken, decreasing wrinkle depth, finally get the effect of boy shaping and slimming, tighten and whiten skin. It fits all skin types of body areas like arm, hips, backs, thighs, stomach.

10-Polar RF Handpiece

Model: PT-SP081
8-Polar RF handpiece is mainly used to generate heat 50-60 ℃ from radio frequency to get in skin fat cells, achieve the effect of weight loss, also make skin more blonde and smooth. It is mainly used on body slimming, cellulite removal. Best for all big body area like arm, hips, backs, thighs&stomach.

8-Polar RF Handpiece

Model: PT-SP035
Three polar RF handpiece can fast heat dermis by using RF radio frequency to synthesis of collagen, resulting in the skin is stimulated and the muscle tension is increased, finally achieving wrinkles removal, skin rejuvenation, facial lifting. It is best for face, neck.

Three Polar RF Handpiece

Model: PT-SP022
Biopolar RF handle can fast create warm on skin, accelerate blood circulation and synthesis of fibroblasts collagen, revert to the original compact, prevent skin aging, restoring skin elasticity, facial improvement. It is best for nose&eye's around.

Biopolar RF Handle

Model: PT-LT04
Cooling therapy hammer mainly relies on air cooling to maintain and repair the skin. It can reach 5 to 0℃ to make the skin faster to shrink pores, allowing the skin to quickly lock in moisture and reduce allergies, also its blue photon can calm and diminish inflammation. It can treat all the area of face body.

Cooling Therapy Hammer

Model: PT-JR01C
Large lipo laser pad let 8 pieces 5mw lights use 635nm-650nm laser to dissolve the fat deposits and stimulate metabolism to achieve fat reduction, body shaping&slimming, it fits your stomach, hips, thighs, back, arms.

Large Lipo Laser Pad

Model: PT-JR02C
Small lipo laser pad can let 2 pieces 5mw lights use 635nm-650nm laser to dissolve the fat deposits and stimulate metabolism. Finally get the effect of fat removal, cellulite and skin tightening&body weight controlling. It is best to treat arms, calves.

Small Lipo Laser Pad

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