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40K Unoisetion Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Weight Loss Machine

40K Unoisetion Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Weight Loss Machine

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  • Cavitation Fro fat reduce
  • Roller Vacuum RF with 940NM LIPO LASER Probe For
  • Roller vacuum RF with 940NM LIPO LASER probe for s
  • Vacuum RF head with 940nm lipo laser for face
  • vacuum head RF for eye

Item ID: #1002308

Model: WL-N82

Retail Price: USD 4,611.67

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The cavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which can speedy vibrate fattiness cells, Learn more


A. Infrared light reduces skin impedance by heating the skin, and rf energy can stimulate the skin tissue;Infrared light and radio frequency energy synergistic effect, through heating the skin, radio frequency open cell hole, red light can also play an anti-inflammatory role.
B Vacuum control and specially designed roller control enable the rf penetration depth to reach 5-15mm.At the same time, vacuum and roller mechanical tissue operation clamp and stretch fiber connective tissue, effectively decompose subcutaneous fat, squeeze capillaries, increase lymphatic drainage, promote metabolism, reduce the size of the gap between actual fat cells, greatly improve the human body contour.
C Vacuum radiofrequency technology enables radiofrequency energy to penetrate specific folded skin, so as to more accurately treat the target site, greatly improve the effect and safety, and even can be used for the treatment of upper eyelid area.It doesnt destroy the surrounding tissue.
D 40khz has the best therapeutic effect on the part with thicker fat, and high energy ACTS on the part behind the fat layer, allowing the fat cells to be exploded under the action of high energy.Then the body adjusts itself to get rid of the fat。


- Black Circle around eyes removal, Face wrinkle removal
- Face skin lifting
- Generalized obesity, localized adiposity, fat dissolving, skin tightening ( arm, leg,shoulder and back, mountaineering shoes, buttocks)
- Alleviate arthritis pain and whole body physical therapy
- Stretch mark improvement


1. More kinetic energy, with a variety of professional slimming technology
2. Hd touch screen control interface
3. Vertical cabinet, easy to move, suitable for beauty salon
4. The handle has a long wire and a wide range of motion


1. Face lifting and skin tightening
2. Body shaping/body circumference reduction
3. Face and neck wrinkle eliminating
4. Removes acne and black circle around eyes,eye bag
5. Improving skin-metabolism
6. unique for upper eyelid
7. skin surface smooth/massage
8. cellulite reduction


Item Params

LED Screen

  • Main Screen8inches TFT Chromatic Touch Screen
  • Screen of ApplicatorScreen of applicator 1: 2.4


  • Vacuum Pulse Mode AAbsolute pressure: 80kpa-10kpa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg)
  • Vacuum Pulse Mode BRelative pressure: 20kpa-90kpa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)

Basic Parameters

  • Infarred Light 940
  • Applicator Tips4
  • Net Weight55kg
  • RF Frequency 1 MHz
  • Rollers Speed0-36rpm
  • Infrared PowerMax 20W
  • Rollers Working Mode 1 type
  • Safety Testing ModeReal-time online
  • Energy Density of RFMax 60J/ cm3
  • Rated input voltageAC230±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/ AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz (optional)
  • Physical Dimensions625mm*525mm*1070mm
  • Treatment Area of Handpiece4mm*7mm/ 8mm*25mm/30mm*50mm/40mm*60mm

Packing List

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 1 x Big Bipolar Infrared Laser RF Head
  • 1 x Small Bipolar Infrared Laser RF Head
  • 1 x Big RF IFR Laser Vacuum Liposuction Roller
  • 1 x Small RF IFR laser Vacuum Liposuction Roller
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • 3 x Holder
  • 1 x Power Supply Cord

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