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Microcurrent BIO Weight Loss Fat Reduce Slimming Machine

Microcurrent BIO Weight Loss Fat Reduce Slimming Machine

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  • Losing Weight, Slimming The Body
  • Make Muscle Do Contracting Exercise
  • Tone Up The Muscles
  • Firm Slack Muscles and Muscle Mass

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Model: WL-B333

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Microcurrent BIO cellulite electric stimulation therapy massager with 8 pairs pulse pads output, is an effective treatment for cellulite treatment, muscle training, besides, stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise.

Features of Electric Stimulation Therapy Massager

- With 8 groups of electro pads.
- Special LCD display with 10 different levels slightly adjusts intensive output. Stronger or weaker by customer choice
- 3 Different speed modes, 5 different programs (one auto program, p1,p2,p3, and p4 manual modes)
- Backcare and strengthen the shoulder muscles for a good body line.
- Promote blood circulation, and enhance metabolisms, computerized body faradic for slimming with bio-current stimulation

What Are the Benefits of Electric Stimulation Therapy Massager

- Losing weight, slimming the body
- Make muscle do contracting exercise
-Tone up the muscles
- Firm slack muscles and muscle mass

How to Use This Electric Stimulation Therapy Massager

The operation procedure for this electric stimulation therapy massager is important as following:
1. Connect Electrodes to Electrode output, attach the electrodes to the body of the clients according to the diagrams below.
2. Press Intensity High-Intensity Low to set the intensity level. For average people, level 3 intensity is recommended.
3. Adjust each output intensity knob to the minimum, then Press Powerswitch to turn on the machine.
4. Press Auto / Single Mode button to set Single program mode, the Single-Mode indicator will light on.
5. Press Time adjusts to set the working time between 0 - 30 minutes. The time display on Time window.
6. Adjust each output adjuster and check with the client for comfort.
7. Press Auto / Single Mode button to set Auto program mode, the Auto mode indicator lights on and the machine will operate through preset programs and rerunning the programs until the time is up.
8. Press Time adjusts to set the working time between 0 to 30minutes. The time display on Time window.
9. Adjust Speed selection button to set Frequency rotation time, 5-7 seconds per period is recommended. The executing frequency displays on.
10. Adjust each intensity output knob and check with the client for comfort.
After treatment, adjust each output intensity knob back to a minimum.
Suggest electrodes position for certain treatments.

How Long Should You Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

How often should I use electric stimulation therapy massager?
This portable unit is a home unit that you can use with no limitation on how long or how often.
For ongoing concerns, at least 15 minutes can be used every day recommended by the physiotherapist.


Item Params

Basic Specification

  • Input Voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Output Power20W
  • Pulse Power10-200 mw
  • Working Time0-30 min
  • Output Channel8 Channels
  • N.W2.4kg
  • Product Size36cm(L)*28cm(W)*14cm(H)
  • G.W4.3kg
  • Packing Dimension42cm(L)*32cm(W)*22cm(H)

Packing List

  • 1 x Electric Stimulation Therapy Massager Host
  • 8 Pairs x Electrodes Pulse Pads
  • 8 pcs x Electro Connect Line
  • 1 x Power Cord

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