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Newest Version Cooling Vacuum Fat Cellulite Removal Body

Newest Version Cooling Vacuum Fat Cellulite Removal Body

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  • Double probe can use in the same time
  • Cold freeze fat reduce
  • fat removal body shape
  • reduce belly

Item ID: #1004286

Model: WL-7008C

Retail Price: USD 1,045.00

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1.In cluding double cooling handle,they can working at the same time.
2.Have a LED touch screen,easy to control the machine.
3.Safe:The cool handle can't damage skin.
4. weight loss very well

Freeze weight loss

Triglycerides contained in body fat will be converted to solids at a low temperature of 5 ° C, and the instrument will be placed in areas where fat is required. Removed by fat, the fat will solidify quickly and freeze. Dephasing (cells die according to growth patterns). The dead cells will be treated by the body as body cells, and will be excreted through metabolism, and the body fat will be reduced, thereby achieving the body-shaping effect of partial fat dissolution.

Cooling Vacuum

Vacuum adsorption cooling weight loss method is to suck up the fat part by vacuum negative pressure, and then cool it by multi-fat, because the fat cells are easily converted into solid state at low temperature. Fat cells die due to low temperatures, and then the dead fat cells are excreted through the body's physiological response. Thereby achieving the effect of losing weight.


Item Params

Handpiece Speicification Handlepiece

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Output PowerWater cooling
  • Measure of Treatment Area100cm²
  • Max. Output Power120W
  • Wavelength of Red PhotonLED:650nm Red light
  • Depth of Pressure76mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon60cm²

Packing List

  • 1 x Main machine
  • 2 x Body Cooling handle
  • 1 x Water funnel
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 2 x Fuse
  • 2 x Vacuum Filter
  • 2 x Holder
  • 12 x White Seal Ring
  • 12 x Black Rubber Band

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  • hel***
  • Date:08-16-2019

I was so exciting I've lost 5lbs only within 15 days.
It is stunnnnnning and ammmmmmazing lol result
hey, guys, the above one is the photon before treatment, and photon on the bottom is the after treatment
Recommend 5 stars, awesome!!!!


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