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2017 Hot 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Body Set, New, Free Shipping

2017 Hot 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Body Set, New, Free Shipping

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  • Relieve pain
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Body massage
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Pull out diseases
  • Health care

Item ID: #1001453

Model: MS-VYM03

Retail Price: USD 13.17

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Integrated with both modern technology and traditional medicine, our newly developed and produced Cupping Instrument is a new health care product, which featured by easy operation, convenient-to-use, low price and is warm welcomed by sufferers.
The traditional cupping treatment has a long history and is widely spread.
Cupping is an effective medical treatment technique rooted from centuries of Chinese people\'s battle against diseases. Though there\'s a folksay goes that \\" Acupuncture and cupping will cure half your disease\\" , the traditional cupping treatment has it disadvantages such as burnm insecurity, limited application scope etc. It health care devicefavitiry.
Our newly produced Cupping Instrutment replaced the traditional ignition-type air evacuation technique with vacuum air bleed technique, which make the cupping apparatus absorb on body surface acupoints to cause a contrafluxion or slight blood sludging so as to facilitate smoothness of flows in channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation, pull out diseases such as wind, cold, humid, hot and poison etc and thus bloom your qi and blood. The Cupping Instrument can produce a powerful magenetic field effect and is very effective for relieving pain, reducing swelling, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing blood fat, stopping disrrhea, detoxification, preventing cancer cell from proliferation, as well as other efficacies such as removing accumulated fat and keep fit. The Cupping Instrument can be used for various kinds of medical treatment areas such as medical internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, pediatrics, skin diseases treatment and five-sense-organs diseases treatment. The new Cupping Instrument, as a high-quality health care product, has advantages such as fine outlook, high safety and reliability, high effectiveness, cure from surface to root, economical and durable.
We will continue to base on traditional medicine to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine culture and accumulate clinic experiences so as to make us your best friend of family health care!

Method of Application

1. Pull the upper valve bar of the cup to guarrantee smooth air flow before begin the treatment;
2. Fix the vacuum air bleed muzzle to upper part of the cup and then pull the pull rod verrically about 4 times to create appropriate negative pressur3. When the treatment has finished, smoothly pull up the valve bar on the upper part of the cup to remove the cupping intrument;
4. It is advisable to use edible flour dough to make a air tight loop under the cup to ensure air tightness when apply to the part of your with less muscle or other position such as hairy parts, hands and feet as well as arthrosis etc.
5. Use disinfectant fluid to wipe the Cupping Instrument after application. Never soak it.

Maintenance and Repairing

1. Advoid crash and scratch to the cup.
2. The rubber knob in the cup should be kept tightly with the cup. Tighten it with your hand or sharp nose pliers in case a loose rubber knob is detected.
3. You can disassembly the gun block by yourself, and clean out diret in the gun barrel and apply some grease it.
4. You can replace the airtight loop in case of insufficient air bleed before continue to use the product.

Method of Treatment

1. Choose appropriate postures such as face downwards, face upwards, and lie on side of your body according to your state of illness.
2. 10-15 minutes will constitue a treatment, take a treatment everyday or every two days and 7 treatments will constitue a period of treatment. You can start the next period of the treatment after a 4-day interval.
3. You can choose from the following treatment methods according to your sate if illness and the part of your body: (1) Rest Cupping (absorb the cup on the body part and let it rest on there on there of a while); (2) Flash Cupping ( absorb the cup on the body part and then hold the cup to quickly to pull it out whille a crack noise is heard. This method is only considered to be appropriately adopted when on print mark is cause on the body part.); (3) Moving Cupping ( pull the cup up and down after it has absorbed on the body part till the skin becomes red); and (4) Puncture Cupping ( pierce scarfskin of the focus with a sanitized triangular prism needle to make it bleed, then pull off the cup at once) etc.
4. The Cupping Instrument can be used in various forms such as a single cup of use a number of cups simultaneously, pull off the cup heavily or softly. For elderly, weakling or children, choose to use less cups and pull of the cup more softly and time of the treament should be comparatively shorter, generally 5-10 minutes.
5. This product is especially effective for curing heatstroke ( i.e. scrape therapy for heat-stroke ) and non-fixed acuppoints ( i.e. any pressure pain point of the body).


1. Cupping treatment should not be adopted to serious heart diseases, heart failure, diseases with a tendency of bleeding, tumor patient, pregnant woman, lower belly of women in menstrual period, elcosis, trunk, the position of the heart or in case of coma, broken bone or convulsion.
2. The room in which the cupping treatment is done should be kept warm and advoid cold wind. It is advisable that your drink some hot water after the cupping treatment and don\'t wash cupping marks on your body within 30 minutes after the cupping treatment.
3. The petechia ( such as blue, purple, black and red ) left after the cupping treatment are a kind of symptom reaction. For example, black petechia indicates fenghan ( cold ), yellow-red petechia indicates re ( hot ). Don\'t worry! The petechia will disappear 3-5days later. It is normal if you find bubbles on your body during a certain period after the cupping treatment. If the bubble is big, then do regular sanitization and puncture it with a samitized needle, and then clean the bubble with tampon and sanitized with 75% medical alcohol to preventinfection.
4. If the patient feel swirl, cold sweat, chest distress and other discomfort, remove the cup instantly and drink some warm water. The discomfort will be relieved after a short rest.
5. It is normal if your find bubble on your skin during the effective period. If it is somevhat serious, you can puncture the bubble after regular sanitization and then apply some genioan violet to prevent infection.
6. Be sure to apply grease to your skin when adopt moving cupping method. Generally, you can use massage cream.

Package Listing

Cups * 12pcs
Vacuum apparatus * 1pcs


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Email: sales@mychway.com

WhatsApp ( Tel ): +0852-56147818 ( 7x24 )

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