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40K Unoisetion Cavitation Fat Freezing Machine RF Lipo Laser

40K Unoisetion Cavitation Fat Freezing Machine RF Lipo Laser

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  • Dual Ways Operation System Control
  • Vertical Stand Design with Rolling Wheele
  • 2D Fat Freezing Handpice Stubborn Fat Slimming
  • 40K Unoisetion Caviation Fat Dissolve
  • Smart 3D RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
  • Lipo Laser Body Shaping Fat Reduction

Item ID: #1004625

Model: MS-7205FX

Retail Price: USD 2,486.67 $ 2,486.67

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Cryolipolysis Body Weight Loss Learn more


Vertical stubborn cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine with 40k unoisetion ultrasonic cavitation 2.0 fat dissolve system, Smart 3D RF radio frequency wrinkle removal, bipolar RF wrinkles removal, and lipo laser fat reduction treatment.
The special advanced design is the dual way operation system control, the aesthetician can set the parameters by operation system on the host or the operating system touch screen on the handpiece, it is convenient to operate and save time, more safe and fast.


- Combination with fat freezing, unoisetion cavitation, smart 3D RF, lipo laser
- Designed to help stubborn cellulite treatment.
- Vertical stand 2 fat freezing fat loss handles with dual ways operation system control
- Ideal for use on thighs, waist, arms, belly, and bottom
- Affordable, non-invasive, safe and easy to use


- The fast unwanted fat removal treatment system
- This treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce excess fat.
- Body contouring and skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction


Item Params

2D Fat Freeze Handle Size

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Cooling SystemWater Cooling
  • Measure of Treatment Area125cm²
  • Max. Output Power140W
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm
  • Depth of Pressure76mm
  • Refrigeration measure90cm²

40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handlepiece

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area38cm²
  • Frequency 40KHz
  • Max. Output Power25W
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm

Octupole 3D SMART RF With Photon

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area30cm²
  • Max. Output Power50W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF3.7mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm

Bipolar Smart 3D RF Handlepiece

  • Treatment AreaEye
  • Measure of Treatment Area4cm²
  • Max. Output Power10W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF2.2mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm

Big LED Laser Paddles

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area75cm²
  • Max. Output Power10*5mw
  • Wavelength of Lipo Laser650nm

Small LED Laser Paddles

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area12cm²
  • Max. Output Power2*5mw
  • Wavelength of Lipo Laser650nm

Packing List

  • 1 x Host
  • 2 x 2D Fat Freezing Vacuum Handle
  • 1 x 40K Unoisetion Caviation Handle
  • 1 x Octupole 3D SMART RF With Photon
  • 1 x Bipolar 3D SMART RF Handle With Photon
  • 10 x Cooling Membranes
  • 1 x Power Supply Cord
  • 8 x 5mw Large LED Laser Paddle Purple
  • 4 x 5mw Small LED Laser Paddle Purple
  • 3 x Holder
  • 1 x Vacuum Filter
  • 1 x Cotton Filter
  • 2 x Fuse
  • 8 x White Seal Ring
  • 12 x Black Rubber Band
  • 1 x Long Bandage
  • 2 x Medium Bandage
  • 2 x Short Bandage

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