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6 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Cold Therapy Machine

6 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Cold Therapy Machine

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  • Body Sculpturing, Body Shape, Cellulite Treatment
  • Lymph Drainage, Accelerate Blood Circulation
  • Tighten The Skin On The Underarms And Legs
  • Removes Wrinkles, Pimples and Spots
  • Tightens And Firms The Skin Texture
  • Minimizes Pores

Item ID: #1004755

Model: MS-65D1

Retail Price: USD 859.74

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6 in 1 40K ultrasonic cavitation RF Vacuum cold cellulite treatment help body sculpturing, body shaping, cellulite treatment, as well as lift, tone and brighten the face, remove wrinkles, pimples and spots. A must-have aesthetic treatment for salon.

What Is This Machine Used For?

This 6 in 1 40k ultrasonic cavitation RF machine is a multifunction cellulite treatment and skin care system.
It can reach up functions as following:
- Body shaping, body shaping, anti-fat
- Lymphatic drainage, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism
- Skin lighten and shape face line
- Tighten the skin under your arms and legs
- Get rid of wrinkles, acne and spots
- Clean, lighten and smooth the appearance of the skin
- Firming the skin
- Deep cleansing and moisturizing
- Improve elasticity
- Reduces pores


- One machine combines 6 functions, it can get up to the functions of 6 machines
- Adopt the most advanced ultrasonic liposuction technology in the world
- Suitable for all skin types
- Comfortable, painless and non-invasive during treatment
- Easy to operate
- Get obvious results at the lowest cost
- Non-anesthetic
- Non-invasive
- No side effects and rebound
- No injury, will not affect the normal work and life
- Warranty guaranteed, CE certification

How Long Does Fat Cavitation Last?

In general, a fat cavitation session will take 30 to 40 minutes to treat a part of the body.
For example, our aesthetician will massage the abdomen for 45 minutes.
Triglycerides should be removed from the body at intervals of 2-3 days.
Our professional beauticians recommend that the minimum amount of fat cavitation should be between 5 and 8.

Is There Any Side Effects of Cavitation Machine Treatment?

As we discussed earlier, cavitation machines have no side effects.
Liposuction cavitation machines are a safe and reliable way to burn excess fat.
You can only get redness in the treated area, but this redness can occur in a short period of time.
So, without much thought, you are free to accept this treatment and make your weight loss dreams come true.


Item Params

40K Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Handpiece

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area30cm²
  • Frequency 40KHz
  • Max. Output Power20W

Vacuum&Bipolar SMART 3D RF Handle With Photon

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area28mm²
  • Max. Output Power60W
  • SMART 3D Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF12.5mm
  • Depth of Pressure25.5mm
  • Max. Output of Pressure-80KPa
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light

Sextupolar Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon

  • Treatment AreaBody
  • Measure of Treatment Area17cm²
  • Max. Output Power40W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF6mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light

Quadrupole Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon

  • Treatment AreaFace
  • Measure of Treatment Area12.5cm²
  • Max. Output Power20W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF5mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light

3-Polar Smart 3D RF Handle with Photon

  • Treatment AreaFace/Eyes Around
  • Measure of Treatment Area6cm²
  • Max. Output Power8W
  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Depth of RF3mm
  • Wavelength of Red Photon650nm Red Light

Cold Hammer

  • Treatment AreaUnlimited
  • Measure of Treatment Area6cm²
  • Temperature Range-5℃ to 5℃
  • Max. Output Power15W

Packing List

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 1 x Multipolar RF Head for Body
  • 1 x 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Head
  • 1 x Vacuum Biploar SMART 3D RF Head
  • 1 x Three Pole SMART 3D RF Head for Faceand Eyes Around
  • 1 x Quadrupole SMART 3D RF Head for Face and Body
  • 1 x Cold Hammer
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Vacuum Filter
  • 1 x Holder
  • 1 x Cotton Filter
  • 6 x White Seal Ring
  • 2 x Black Rubber Band

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