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Vacuum Therapy Breast Enlargement Lift Lymph Detox machine

Vacuum Therapy Breast Enlargement Lift Lymph Detox machine

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  • Breast Cups for Breast Butts Lifting Enlargement
  • cupping Cups for Lymph Drainage
  • Gas Cup for Back Neck Scrubbing
  • Fingertip Cups for face Body Massage

Item ID: #1004037

Model: MS-2175

Retail Price: USD 186.67

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1.Not only for breast but also for butt lifting
2.High return on investment
3.Easy to operate, can do the treatment at home.
4.The treatment is safe, no surgery .

Vacuum pump therapy

The vacuum pump can absorb fat particle and liquid, and then make them enter breast butts tissue and cells, leave breast butts more developed, enlargement, lifting.

Cupping treatment

Exhaust toxin and purify lymphatic system, refine skin pore, re-build skin, improve micro-circulation, enhance collagen elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist Wrinkle, activate skin, remove eye bag and double jaw, eliminate wrinkle and telangiectasia, and treat sub-health.


Packing List

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 3 x Pairs of cups for breast
  • 3 x Pairs of cups for cupping
  • 6 x Pairs gas cup for scrub
  • 3 x Fingertip cups for rhythm massage
  • 2 x Shot connecting tubes
  • 1 x Long connecting tubes
  • 1 x Power line
  • 2 x Fuse

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WhatsApp ( Tel ): +0852-56147818 ( 7x24 )

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