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Gym EMS Muscle Stimulator Trainer Body Toner Abs Workout

Gym EMS Muscle Stimulator Trainer Body Toner Abs Workout

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  • Fat Reduction, Body Contouring
  • Muscle Strengthen, Stomach Workout
  • Breast Muscle Lifting, Belly Abs Workout Training

Item ID: #1005268

Model: MS-121X1

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Biological microcurrent facial Slimming system is the most advanced non-invasive facial toning Learn more

What Is DFC EMS Fitness Training Suit

DFC means Digital Frequency Conversation, it is different from the normal frequency microcurrent.
DFC EMS fitness Trainingsuit can be separately set the energy output of each patch, this DFC system will change the working frequency ( high frequency or low frequency) automatically according to the patients body situation, age, body react of the electric current, this is can get the best frequency and get the best result.

How Does DFC EMS Fitness Microcurrent Training Work

DFC EMS fitness suit creates electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, the electrotherapy effectively exercises muscle and nipple,
relieves various of body pain, promotes blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help losing weight, lifting and firming skin and enhancing breast, bringing you a charming body line and keeping you fit.

Features of DFC EMS Fitness Training Suit

- Can be separately set the energy output of each patch automatically according to the body condition
- One suit of clothes with one machine, three sizes of the suit can be choosen
- Suitable for Different gym Equipments
- Suitable for most part of body, such as shoulder, arms, back, belly, chest, buttock, waist, and leg
- Have a good effect on health care

Benefits of DFC EMS Fitness Training Suit

- Reduce cellulite on arms, abdnomen, buttocks, thighs and calf for losing weight purposes.
- Enhance the blood circulation of shoulder, neck, back, hip and waist and vertebrae, removing body fatigue and stress.
- Stimulate tensional tight muscle to do contracting exercises, lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line.
- Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae stains due to work


Item Params

Basic Specification

  • Product Weight5.65kg
  • Product Size96(L)*65(W)*29(H)mm
  • Output Current2mA
  • Output Frequency1-100HZ
  • Output Pulse Width50-400us
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity10℃-40℃, 30%-85%RH
  • Transport and Storage Temperature and Humidity- 40℃~55℃, 10%RH~93%RH
  • Operating Pressure860-1060hPa
  • Transportation and Storage Pressure500hpa~1060hpa

Packing List

  • 1 x DFC EMS Fitness Training Host
  • 1 x DFC EMS Fitness Training Vest
  • 1 x DFC EMS Fitness Training Pant
  • 1 x Electrodes Set
  • 1 x Power Cord

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