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Foldable 7 Colors LED PDT Photon Lamp Phototherapy Ion Laser

Foldable 7 Colors LED PDT Photon Lamp Phototherapy Ion Laser

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  • Reduce Wrinkles And Fine Lines
  • Reduce The Appearance Of Smiles/Wrinkles
  • Enhance Skin Tone, Hydrating Skin
  • Soothes Inflammation And Reduces Pores
  • Purify Skin And Stabilize Oil Glands
  • Calm Redness And Inflammation

Item ID: #1006382

Model: LT-110P

Retail Price: USD 195.50

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PDT machine can solve many skin issues, good for home use. Learn more


Fold 7 colors LED PDT Phototherapy lamp with ion facial care is our most advanced phototherapy lamp, can treat both wrinkles and acne!
It is designed for powerful treatment anti-aging, acne, relief pain etc due to the 7 colors light therapy.
It can be used throughout your face, neck, chest, hands, legs, back and neck.
With just a few minutes of therapy every day, this is a beautifying and relaxing way to relax your body and mind.

Benefits of 7 colors LED PDT Phototherapy lamp

Benefit 1: Anti-aging
• Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
• Reduce the appearance of smiles/wrinkles
• Enhance skin tone
• Stimulate natural collagen and elastin

Benefits 2: Acne treatment
• Go deep into where the bacteria live
• Soothes inflammation and reduces pores
• Purify skin and stabilize oil glands
• Reduce future acne outbreaks and potential scarring
• Calm redness and inflammation

Precautions While use LED PDT lamp with ion

-The single irradiation time should not exceed 20 minutes, and continuous irradiation for a long time is prohibited.
- Must wear eye mask for treatment.
- After treatment, do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy food, do not eat high-protein foods such as seafood, and avoid exposure to the sun within 24 hours.

Taboo people

- Skin allergies, epilepsy patients, diabetic patients, scarred physique, patients with skin infections at the nursing site.
- Those who have been exposed to the sun after receiving or nursing within one month.
- Face filled plastic surgery (Hyaluronic acid has other implants) should not be used within 3 months.


Item Params

PDT Facial Mask

  • ColorWhite
  • FoldableYes
  • MaterialABS
  • ColorsRed, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Turquoise, White
  • Laser 8 LEDs Laser
  • Ion Hot SprayYes
  • Function of ION Moisture
  • Power Supply Input100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power Output24V 5A
  • N. W11.02lbs
  • G.W14.33 lbs
  • Size19.7"(L) *13"(W)*11.8"(H)
  • Package Size19.7"(L) *19.7"(W)*17"(H)

Packing List

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 1 x Goggle
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Plastic Cup

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