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Q Switch Nd Yag Tattoo Eyebrow Removal Beauty Equipment

Q Switch Nd Yag Tattoo Eyebrow Removal Beauty Equipment

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  • Q Switch Yag
  • RED Target Light
  • Tattoo removal
  • Eyebrow removal

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Model: HR-LS50V

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ND: YAG cosmetology system adopts gemstone Q switch, which can effectively crush and remove pigment in the diseased tissue by using instantaneous high-energy beam.It is guided by the beam explosion: fixed wavelength of light beam through the accumulation of high energy can be achieved through skin histopathological changes in a very short period of time (only 6 ns) immediately shattered their colour base, then the corresponding pigment tissue swelling, finally broke out due to the high energy, and part of the group of spring of the human body skin pigment (shallow), the rest (imf) pigment group before be swallowed up by the cells in the body will become very small particles, the final out of the body through the lymphatic system cycle.The pigment in the diseased tissue will fade and disappear.Normal tissues around them don't get destroyed because they don't absorb a fixed wavelength.


1. Accurate manufacturing, stable and effective performance.
2. Specially designed cooling system ensures continuous operation.
A microcomputer counts the number of shots fired.
5. Liquid crystal display, easy to operate and control the instrument
6. No damage to normal tissue.
7. Pigmentation removal has no side effects or scars.
8. Short use time and remarkable effect.


Cooling condition: wind system+closed circulating+cooling system
type: Q-switch Nd: YAG
With RED target light to aim at the skin.
The pulse energy: 0~1000mJ
Pulse width: 6ms
Recurrence rate: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Hz
Power source: 110v~220v


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  • sal***
  • Date:08-31-2019

I love the machine!


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