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Ultrasonic Mist Chromotherapy Steamer Facial Spray Moisturizing Beauty Equipment

Ultrasonic Mist Chromotherapy Steamer Facial Spray Moisturizing Beauty Equipment

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Item ID: #1000055

Model: DWJCME01-06J

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The chromo mist machine is the latest development in professional beauty equipment. Combing the ultrasonic mist and chromotherapy technology together along with patented rights. this fashion, intelligent and ideal beauty equipment attracts you totally


Improve Skin Condition, Make The Skin Feel Fresh & Moisturize
Stimulate Skin\'s Repair & Regenerate Ability
Promote Collagen Production
Restore Skin\'s Elasticity & Vitality
Improve Blood Circulation & Cell Metabolism
Regulate The Sebaceous Gland\'s Production Of Oil
Provide Antiseptic & Astringent Effects
Clear Acne & Pimples
Sooth & Relax Skin


With Clean Lines, Aesthetic Looks & Fashionable Color, This 06j Chromo Mist Machine Full With Irresistable Attraction.
Swivel Arm Allows More Servicing Direction Option-----Saving Money & Space
359 Degree Rotation Of The Mist Emitting Head Enables It More Flexibility In Function, Regardless Of Whether Or Not Mist Treatment Or Chromotherapy Function Is In Use
Removable Water Container Enables More Convenience In Use & Clean.
External Water Drainage Outlet Guarantees The Safe & Reliable Use. The Sophisticated Control System Enables The Quick-Drop Of Water\'s Temperature, Allowing Free Changes For Cold Or Warm Mist During Treatment.
Full-automatic Test System Helps You To Solve The Trouble Easily & Straightforward.
Intelligent Control System Allows You To Use Cold Mist, Warm Mist & Chromotherapy Functions Individually Or Simultaneously.

Red Chromoterapy

This red light, considered as a warm color light, is of a special wavelength that can be penetrated through skin\'s epidermis, going deep into the dermis, the pass-through red light warms up and stimulates blood flow, improving skin\'s self-repair regenerate ability. Simultaneously, the collagen products increase, and the skin cell\'s activity higher, the metabolism accelerates. The red chemotherapy treatment not only whiten the skin but also improves implexion and increase the skin\'s elasticity and vitality, make the skin become moist and firm as well as smooth

Accompanied by red chemotherapy while in hot mist treatment to get a better effect

Blue Chromoterapy

Blue light, considered as a cold color light, has a very pure and strong penetration quality,it strengthens relaxation and refreshes while providing antiseptic and astringent effects. Blue chromotherapy regulates the sebaceous glands\' production of oil. Improving the oily skin conditions, it can also go deep into the acne area to kill the acne bacteria, especially good for the acne with pustules curing
It can be used as a good way to reduce stress and relax the skin
Accompanied by the blue chromotherapy while in cold mist treatment to get a better effect


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