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Pretty, Quality

Nice look brings out fancy salons

Nice and luxurious in metal grey

Technological Composable Boards

Build fun stuff with toy bricks board

5 facial care boards

Plenty body care boards

Optimized storage

High Power and Superior Effect

Time -20% Effect +43%

  • 408
  • Lights
  • 2mm
  • Reach deep
    into skin
  • 33w
  • Board

7 treatment plans take care of
11 skin problems !

*R:Red LED G:Green LED Y:Yellow LED B:Blue LED IR:Infrared LED

Clinical trials of 100 patients with skin diseases

Real results

Up skin health by 43% with 18 treatments!

Meticulous Chip Inserted

Easy to use

Smart system | Touch screen

720° 3-point Swinging Strut

Best service for any part

Details Mean Everything

Effective from the Beginning

10 min session training

  • Personalized Treatments
  • Operation Tutorials
  • Installation Videos